快 速 訂 房


拉波波這個名字源於位於南法Saint-Cirq-Lapopie (Village médiéval)(聖希荷拉波皮耶)的一個童話般的美麗村莊,而拉波波村位處基隆暖東峽谷,距台北市中心僅約30分鐘路程,周邊溪流環繞,生態豐富多變,更不時有台灣藍鵲群聚。園區旁的暖東峽谷步道,為淡蘭古道的起點,步道林蔭蔽天,即便夏日都相當涼爽,可以體能選擇45/90/120分鐘之健行路徑,尋悠訪勝,體驗暖東峽谷及之東勢溪之美,園區內設有餐飲及輕奢露營服務,是您微旅行的最佳選擇。
  • 神殿帳及衛浴帳各一頂,相連一起,坪數:約10坪
  • 依專案或季節、內容不同,有一泊三食(迎賓下午茶/峽谷BBQ晚宴/芬多精早食)等多種套裝行程
  • 住客專用免費停車場(平面)
  • 獨立衛浴設備、坐式馬桶
  • 頂級羽絨被及羽絨枕
  • 免費附贈礦泉水(依住房人數)
  • 吹風機、快煮壺
  • 高級沐浴組及大小毛巾(拋棄式盥洗用品歡迎入房時,向服務人員索取)
  • 變頻冷暖氣機、除濕機、循環扇、無線網路 

    The name of Lapopo is inspired by a beautiful village located at southern Franch which called Saint-Cirq-Lapopie (Village médiéval) ; Lapopo located at NuanDong valley of Keelung, only 30mins drive from Taipei city center. Surrounding by river and full of nature. The NuanDong valley trail is the beginning of DanLan ancient trail, there are many different routes could choice depends on your need ; trees and greens and river along the way and you can rest in our park after the trail.


    At Lapopo, happiness means holding your kids and loved one, also means seating on our lawn with your friends, or even your lovely family.


    Lapopo Camp Ground was the Scout Center of Keelung City, used to be a happy play ground that many people still remember till nowadays. Today, we dedicate in carry on those wonderful memory and trying to keep this nature environment, also looking forward to spread out the happiness of dreams that create at Lapopo.


    Light trip to NuanDong valley, away from the mobile games, experience the bug and birds singing ; picnic in front of the sunset, play in the water or chasing butterfly under trees, walking into the mother nature or just join our selected activities or facilities, spread your energy and write down your own memory.

    Light-Luxury Glamping, no matter when. Simply check in with just a case or bag. Handmade light meal and drinks, hot BBQ stove with smoke, dishes full of food and table occupied by all different kind of dishes……Satisfy not only your mouth but also the long-lost chat from friends and family ; Night time, you can seating in front of the camp fire and watch stars spread all over the sky, the original desire of camping is never that easy.


    We wish Lapopo Camp Ground can be a dream park. We wish here could be a happy land and dream village that friends and families can get together and happy together.

    We invite you to walk out the concrete jungle and come here to create your dream, no matter how your life were busy.

    Lapopo Camp Ground: valley and river, mountain and lawn ; light-luxury glamping. We dream and create dream, can’t wait to see you join!



    All tents have same facilities, including:

    *1 canvas tent and 1 canopy tent, total about 33m2

    *Depends on different package or reservation detail; main package including 3 meals(afternoon tea/dinner/breakfast)

    *Free parking lot

    *Toilet and shower facility inside each tent

    *Down duvets and down pillows

    *Free water bottle (According to actual number of guests, exclude child under 6-year-old)

    *Hair dryer and kettle

    * Shampoo、shower gel、body lotion、conditioner and towels(toiletries please ask us if needed)

    *Inverter air conditioner、dehumidifier、fan and WIFI